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ASP.NET 3.5 is available with all our hosting plans, starting at cheap affordable price. hosting plans and our servers fully support ASP.NET 3.5. We have upgraded all our servers to be fully compatible with .NET 3.5. With our own hosting control panel, you can switch the version easily and instantly without bringing your entire site down. It is fully automated and switching the version is just with one click.

We offer ASP.NET 3.5 hosting plan from just $3.99/mo 35% OFF $2.59/month (see our Windows Shared Hosting Plan).

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Our powerful servers are especially optimized and ensure the best ASP.NET 3.5 performance


  • 1. Data centers on 9 countries
  • 2. Isolated application pool for site
  • 3. Intensive 24/7 site monitoring

24/7 Technical Support

Our support team is ready 24/7/365 to provide assistances to all your technical inquiries.


  • 1. Fast assistance for your site
  • 2. Troubleshooting on ASP issue
  • 3. Regular ASP and server update

Additional Free Services

We do provide free assistances, not only to your website setup, but all its related stuffs.


  • 1. Free domain name for 1 year *
  • 2. Free domain name transfer
  • 3. Free Installation of .NET stuffs

Unique ASP.NET 3.5 Hosting Performance on our Shared Servers:

  • Ideal Hosting for ASP and ASP.NET Applications Open or Close

    Our web hosting services are compatible with a wide range of third party ASP and ASP.NET applications as well as the ability to run your own custom .NET DLLs through 'bin' deployment. We also provide MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server databases and MySQL databases.

  • Compelitely Features Open or Close

    Feature-packed, yet affordable, hosting packages offer the most advanced features and resources, giving you complete flexibility and reliability for your website and web applications. Take a look at the ASP.NET hosting packages available at and signup to build your successful web presence today.

  • More Secure & Organized Open or Close

    ASP and ASP.Net were created by Microsoft and are not open source. Because of this, they are less susceptible to viruses and other malware. provides you for a more secure site, which is especially important if you process many financial transactions through your site..