Our Company's Philosophy and Overview

We prioritize on providing constant uptime and excellent customer service

ASPHostCentral.com was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry; web hosting for customers who want excellent service. This is why ASPHostCentral.com continues to prosper throughout the web hosting industry's maturation process.

13+ Years in Business
8+ World-Class Data Center
10000+ WebSites Hosted

Our number one goal is constant uptime. Our data center uses cutting edge technology, processes, and equipment. We have one of the best up time reputations in the industry. Our second goal is providing excellent customer service. Our technical management structure is headed by professionals who have been in the industry since it's inception. We have customers from around the globe, spread across every continent. We serve the hosting needs of the business and professional, government and nonprofit, entertainment and personal use market segments.

As a leading small to mid-sized business web hosting provider, we strive to offer the most technologically advanced hosting solutions available to our customers across the world. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of our hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on our servers is highly secured and performs at optimum level. Unlike other web hosting companies, we do not overload our servers.

We believe in our customers -- customers are at the core of what we do! And as such, all of our R&D efforts are done with voice of the customer in mind; our support team is courteous and friendly and will do whatever it takes to assist and resolve your support tickets.

We understand the importance of choosing the right web host for your website. The following are things you should know about ASPHostCentral.com that will hopefully convince you that we are the right host for you.

What We Do?

We are the EXPERTS in Windows and Linux Hosting

All of our web hosting plans are carefully tailored. On top of the standard features like free domain names, 24/7 technical support, 99.9% uptime, etc., we add our own custom-made solutions to make your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.

We FOCUS on Windows and Linux Hosting Platform

We focus on offering affordable Windows and Linux shared hosting. That’s all we do and that is all we will ever do.We don’t try to be all things to all people and stretch our resources thin trying to support everything.


Our main focus is to provide stable and reliable Windows and Linux web hosting instead of chasing the newest hype

1. Using industry-standard web environments with the latest stable technologies.

2. Not offering unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth because sites that use up a lot of disk space and bandwidth degrade other customer's website performance. We promise never to advertise unlimited disk space and bandwidth so that we never attract customers that will degrade your website experience.

3. Using powerful Dell servers that are beefy enough to service the requirements of our customers. Our servers use 64 bit software, are dual quad-core, have at least 32 GB RAM, and have RAID 10 disk arrays. We don't skimp on our servers because we believe you deserve better

4. Not installing everything new or requested on the webserver, so we avoid continually adding new elements of potential failure. We promise that anything we install on your server will be thoroughly tested and will be considered stable by industry standards

Hosting each site in its own isolated application pool with no additional cost so that no other customer can take down your site from poorly coded applications